Chinese Medicine Store( is an online Chinese Medicine Store managed by Registered QingDao SHENGBANDA Biotechnology Co.,LTD  based on a drugstore and a hospital TCM doctor.

Our drugstore business started in 2009. We accumulated precious experience with Chinese Medicine. Then We started the online Chinese medicine market in 2012. Our company registered in 2019.

Company Info

Name: QingDao Shengbanda Biotechnology Co.,LTD

Registration date: 2019

All packages will be marked from Shengbanda.

After years of effort, we have achieved:

1. A mature model.

2. A good team

3. A good development.

4. A user-friendly online shop system which is faster,security and stability.

Our Advantage:

1. Variety of products (Including Medicines which are unavailable in drugstore .)

2. Our doctor is available if you wanna a medical guidance based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

3. Good quality products from manufacturers.