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Fuzheng huayu capsule has been shown to significantly improve liver function and clinical symptoms, decrease collagen synthesis, promote degradation of extracellular matrix, reverse hepatic fibrosis, and reduce mental stress in patients with chronic hepatitis B and liver cirrhosis.

Fuzheng Huayu Capsule Introduction

Fuzheng Huayu Capsule is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine that is commonly used for the management of liver fibrosis.  Liver fibrosis refers to the excessive accumulation of scar tissue in the liver, often as a result of chronic liver diseases such as hepatitis B or C, alcoholic liver disease, or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Fuzheng Huayu Capsule is a patented formula developed by the Beijing Youkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.  It is composed of a combination of several medicinal herbs, including Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae, Fructus Ligustri Lucidi, and Semen Persicae, among others.  These herbs have been traditionally used in Chinese medicine for their potential liver-protective and anti-fibrotic properties.

The formula is believed to work by promoting blood circulation, reducing inflammation, and inhibiting the deposition of collagen, which is a major component of scar tissue.  By doing so, it aims to slow down or reverse the progression of liver fibrosis and improve liver function.

Fuzheng Huayu Capsule is typically available in capsule form and is taken orally.  The recommended dosage and duration of treatment may vary depending on the severity of liver fibrosis and the individual's response to the medicine.  It is important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional or traditional Chinese medicine practitioner before starting any herbal treatment.

While Fuzheng Huayu Capsule has been used for managing liver fibrosis in China and some other countries, it's important to note that the effectiveness and safety of this herbal remedy may vary among individuals.  As with any medication or herbal product, there can be potential side effects or interactions with other medications, so it's crucial to seek professional advice before using it.  Additionally, it should be used as a complementary therapy alongside appropriate medical management and lifestyle modifications for liver disease.

FZHY Functions

Promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis,replenishing vital essnce to nourish liver.

Fuzheng Huayu Capsule Reduces the Incidence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Patients with Hepatitis B-Caused Cirrhosis

Fuzheng huayu capsule Indications

For hepatitis B liver fibrosis (caused by blood stasis blocking collaterals,liver and kidney deficiency).




Take Orally,3 capsules per time,thrice daily,24 weeks a treatment course.

About Packages

Experience package including 6 bottles with 360 capsules which may last 40 days.

1 course package including 25 bottles with 1500 capsules which may last 166 days.

combined application

Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis(Phase 4) Due to Hepatitis B Virus With Fuzheng Huayu and Entecavir for 48 weeks

take 1 Entecavir tablet per day and 3 Fuzheng Huayu capsule one time and three times a day

Fuzheng huayu capsule Researches:

1. Active Components Formulation Developed from Fuzheng Huayu Recipe () for Anti-Liver Fibrosis--PUBMED.GOV

Results 1

Fifteen components from Fuzheng huayu capsule showed higher scores for their activity on against liver fibrosis. FZHY attenuated liver collagen deposition, improved sinusoidal capillarization in a dose-dependent manner

Conclusion 1

Fuzheng huayu exerts a satisfactory effect against experimental liver fibrosis and attenuates sinusoidal capillarization, which warrant a further research and development for herbal components formulation on liver fibrosis.

2. The Active Components of Fuzheng Huayu Formula and Their Potential Mechanism of Action in Inhibiting the Hepatic Stellate Cells Viability-- NCBI

Results 2

40 active ingredients in Fuzheng huayu capsule formula and their 79 potential target proteins were identified by network pharmacology approach. Further network analysis reduced the 79 potential target proteins to 31, which were considered more likely to be the target proteins of the active components in Fuzheng huayu capsule formula. In addition, further enrichment analysis of 31 target proteins indicated that the HIF-1, PI3K-Akt, FoxO, and chemokine signaling pathways may be the primary pathways regulated by Fuzheng huayu capsule formula in inhibiting the HSCs viability for the treatment of liver fibrosis. Of the 31 target proteins, peroxisome proliferator activator receptor gamma (PPARG) was selected for validation by experiments at the cellular and molecular level. The results demonstrated that schisandrin B, salvianolic acid A and kaempferol could directly bind to PPARG, decreasing the viability of HSCs (T6 cells and LX-2 cells) and exerting anti-fibrosis effects.

Conclusion 2

The active ingredients of Fuzheng huayu capsule formula were successfully identified and the mechanisms by which they inhibit HSC viability determined, using network pharmacology and transcriptomics. This work is expected to benefit the clinical application of this formula.

Fuzhenghuayu capsule clinical application

Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis(Phase 4) Due to Hepatitis B Virus With Fuzheng Huayu and Entecavir for 48 weeks

take 1 Entecavir tablet per day and 3 Fuzheng Huayu capsule one time and three times a day

The NMA showed that compared with entecavir, combined TCM did not increase the risk of adverse reactions and could significantly improve the effect of chronic hepatitis B liver fibrosis. In addition, in a variety of therapeutic strategies, the combination of Fuzheng Huayu capsule and entecavir is the best therapeutic strategy.

In this NMA, we found that 8 kinds of TCM as adjuvant medicines can improve liver fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis B liver fibrosis. The combination of Fuzheng Huayu capsule and entecavir is the best therapeutic strategy. It not only has a significant effect in improving the state of liver fibrosis in patients but also has a good effect in the improvement of liver function in patients. FZHY capsule is a commonly used TCM formula against liver fibrosis in clinic. It has been verified in research to exert antifibrosis effect through several mechanisms such as antilipid peroxidation and endothelial injury, inhibiting hepatic stellate cell activation, promoting matrix metalloproteinase activity, and degradation of pathological deposition of collagen.In addition, there is an article using transcriptional profiling and miRNA-target network analysis to identify potential biomarkers for efficacy evaluation of FZHY formula-treated hepatitis B caused liver cirrhosis.

FZHY effectively improves the liver function, alleviates hepatic fibrosis, decreases Child-Pugh score, and relieves TCM symptoms caused by liver dysfunction, indicating that FZHY may contribute to the alleviation of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis.


Pharmacological tests show that this product can inhibit the liver fibrosis process of carbon tetrachloride and lipid-rich diet-induced in rats, inhibition of carbon tetrachloride and D-galactosamine induced serum alanine aminotransferase increased. Long-term toxicity tests show that the product of continuous gavage administration of 6 months in rats, 2.30,0.37g / Kg rats can reduce the number of reticulocytes in rats and increase the number of white blood cells.


Occasionally appears discomfort in the stomach.

Studies and Researches On Fuzheng Huayu Capsule 

Fuzheng Huayu Capsule has been the subject of several studies and research regarding its potential effects on liver fibrosis. Here are some key findings:

Antifibrotic Effects

Research studies have shown that Fuzheng Huayu Capsule may have antifibrotic properties by inhibiting the activation of hepatic stellate cells, which are responsible for the excessive production of collagen and scar formation in liver fibrosis.

It may also promote the degradation of collagen and inhibit the deposition of extracellular matrix components, thereby reducing liver fibrosis.

Liver-Protective Effects

Fuzheng Huayu Capsule has been found to exhibit liver-protective effects by reducing liver inflammation and oxidative stress.

Studies suggest that it may enhance liver cell regeneration and promote the survival of liver cells, thus improving liver function.

Immunomodulatory Effects

Some research studies indicate that Fuzheng Huayu Capsule may have immunomodulatory effects by regulating immune cell function and suppressing inflammatory responses in the liver.

It may modulate the balance between pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory factors, thereby reducing liver injury and fibrosis progression.

Clinical Efficacy

Clinical trials have shown promising results regarding the efficacy of Fuzheng Huayu Capsule in improving liver function and reducing liver fibrosis in patients with chronic liver diseases.

It has been used as an adjunct therapy alongside conventional treatment approaches, such as antiviral therapy for hepatitis B or C, and has shown potential in improving treatment outcomes.

It's important to note that while these studies suggest potential benefits of Fuzheng Huayu Capsule, further research, including larger-scale clinical trials, is needed to establish its efficacy, optimal dosage, and long-term safety.

Product Name Fuzheng huayu capsule, Fuzheng huayu jiaonang
Ingredients Salviae Miltiorrhiae,Fermented Cordyceps sinensis bacteria powder,Peach Seed,Pine Pollen,Fiveleaf Gynostemma Herb,Chinese Magnolivine Fruit.
Description Capsule
Indications It is used for hepatitis B liver fibrosis (caused by blood stasis blocking collaterals,liver and kidney deficiency), liver and kidney hand and foot syndrome,breast lump, hypochondriac pain
Spec 0.5g*60capsules/unit
Dosage Take Orally,3 capsules per time,thrice daily,24 weeks a treatment course.
CFDA approval number Z20020074
Storage Closed and keep in cool and dry place.
Note This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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