Category: Female
Category: mastopathy
Brand: zhongyi
Specification 0.36g*72tablets
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Gtin13 6901591132429
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Ruhe sanjie tablet is recommended for breast lumps or nodules. swollen breasts,Hyperplasia of mammary glands.


Soothing the liver and promoting blood circulation,dispelling phlegm and softening and resolving hard mass

How to take

Take 4 tablets one time and thrice one day.


Experience package including 5 packs with 360 tablets which may last 30 days.

1 course package including 8 packs with 736 tablets which may last 61 days.

Clinical application

Treatment of breast hyperplasia 374 cases, 359 females, 15 males; the longest history of 8 years, the shortest 1 month.

Results: 39 cases were cured (10.43%), 78 cases (20.85%) got obvious effect, 199 cases (53.21%) were improved, 58 cases (15.51%) were ineffective and the total effective rate was 84.49%.

 A total of 52 RCTs involving 9 605 patients were finally included. The inventions included 11 commercial Chinese patent medicines with functions of resolving hard lump, such as Rupi Sanjie Capsules, Xiaoru Sanjie Capsules, Ruhe Sanjie Pills, and Hongjin Xiaojie Capsules. The result of direct Meta-analysis showed that: as compared with the simple western medicine group, the Chinese patent medicines such as Hongjin Xiaojie Capsules, Ruhe Sanjie Pills, Rupi Sanjie Capsules, Xiaoru Sanjie Capsules and Xiakucao Oral Liquid could significantly improve the clinical efficacy. In addition, the incidence of adverse reactions of Chinese patent medicines with resolving hard lump function was lower than that in Western medicine group in gastrointestinal reactions, menstrual disorders, leucorrhea abnormalities, liver dysfunction and estrogen-like effect. The network Meta-analysis showed that: Xiaoru Sanjie Capsules, Ruhe Sanjie Pills, Yanlu Rukang Capsules, Quyu Sanjie Capsules, and Hongjin Xiaojie Capsules were the top five in terms of treatment effect. Chinese patent medicines with resolving hard lump function had better clinical efficacy. 

Product Name Ruhe sanjie pills, ruhe sanjie pian, ruhe sanjie tablets
Ingredients Radix bupleuri, radix angelicae sinensis, radix astragali, radix curcumae, light water pack, reed leakage, kelp, seaweed, epimedium, Chinese pyrola herb.
Description Tablet
Indications for breast lumps or nodules. swollen breasts,Hyperplasia of mammary glands.
Spec 0.36g*72tablets/unit
Dosage Take orally. 4 tablets thrice daily or follow medical direcetions; 30-45 days a treatment course.
CFDA approval number Z44020007
Storage Hermetically sealed,keep in cool and dry places.
Note This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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