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Functions and Indications

Qingfei huajie wan is used as an auxiliary medicine for lung cancer operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy for lung cancer, deficiency of both qi and Yin, phlegm heat and blood stasis syndrome. 

Clearing away lung heat, promoting blood circulation, relieving pain, detoxifying and resolving phlegm.


To take orally, 1 bottle/one time; 2 times daily. 

Generally 2 months as 1 course.


Experience package including 5 packs with 30 bottles which may last 15 days.

1 course package including 20 packs with 120 bottles which may last 60 days.

1. indications related issues?

Answer: functional indications: Qingfei Sanjie, promoting blood circulation, pain relief, detoxification, huayu. For the lung qi and yin deficiency, phlegm heat and blood stasis syndrome; also can be used as an adjuvant for lung cancer surgery and chemotherapy; note: "Chinese knot" is turbid phlegm and blood stasis syndrome. Other tangible, visible tumor mass. The clinical study showed that Qingfei Sanjie pill can be used for lung cancer (adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, non-small cell carcinoma, small cell carcinoma), severe tuberculosis and chronic inflammation [1]; with Ruanjiansanjie, eliminate cancer; Yang dampness, phlegm cough; reduce the efficacy of [2] chemotherapy on normal tissue damage

2., can I take Qingfei Sanjie pills before and after the operation? How to take it?

Answer: Qingfei Sanjie pill is a proprietary Chinese medicine specially used for treating lung cancer. It can be taken before and after the operation. The high risk of surgical treatment of trauma, prone to complications, so that patients with reduced immunity; only local treatment, not completely clear cancer; preoperative use of Qingfei Sanjie pill can effectively improve the symptoms and signs, improve the immune function of the patients; postoperative administration can effectively improve the quality of life of patients, improve disease the control rate and the objective efficiency. Usage and dosage comply with instruction: once 3G (bottle), 2 times a day; in serious condition, dosage can be taken according to doctor's advice.

3., after taking Qingfei Sanjie pills for more than half a year, and now the situation is better, you can stop taking the medicine?

Answer: Qingfei Sanjie pill treatment set: 30 days / small procedures; 90 days (3 months) / course of treatment; 180 days (6 months) / treatment; tumor after surgery, medication for more than half a year, advice to go to the hospital to do inspection, if the tumor does not appear, or secondary diffusion transfer the growth of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, said Sanjie pill by lung cancer significantly prolonged progression free survival (PFS) to achieve the purpose of prolonging the life of patients.

4. can I take Qingfei Sanjie pills before and after chemotherapy?

Answer: both before and after chemotherapy can be taken, can also be combined; Qingfei Sanjie pills is a proprietary Chinese medicine for lung cancer, has not yet found side effects, can be taken alone. The side effects of chemotherapy, to kill tumor cells and kill normal cells, leading to immune function of the patients decreased dramatically, and the chemotherapy cannot completely eliminate cancer cells; combined with Qingfei Sanjie pill can effectively improve the adverse reactions caused by chemotherapy, improve the quality of life of patients, improve the patient's immunity; effectively improve chemotherapy the objective response rate and disease control rate, the attenuation and synergistic effect, multiplier effect.

5., patients with lung cancer in the late, metastasis occurs, how to take Qingfei Sanjie pills?

Answer: for middle and late lung cancer metastasis, patients taking Qingfei Sanjie pill can effectively improve the patient's symptoms and signs, improve the quality of life of patients, improve the immune function of the patients, progression free survival was significantly prolonged usage of cancer; follow the instructions: a 3G (a bottle), 2 times a day since the middle and late times; with metastasis, the condition is more serious, that follow the doctor's advice, and dose.

6., take Qingfei Sanjie pills when effective?

Answer: Qingfei Sanjie pill treatment set: 30 days / small procedures; 90 days (3 months) / course of treatment; 180 days (6 months) / course of treatment; clinical studies indicate the efficacy and duration is proportional to the long course of high curative effect; in general, take 1-2 months for disease remission the clinical symptoms and signs, can effectively improve the patients; 2-6 months for disease control, can effectively improve the disease control rate and objective efficiency; more than 6 months for the maintenance treatment period, can significantly prolong progression free survival of cancer, to prolong the life of patients to. Specific efficacy of individual differences, but also need to see how many cases of lung cancer, the patient's physical condition, and so on; if it is late, effective, need a longer time, you need to insist on taking.

7., take Qingfei Sanjie pills have any side effects?

Answer: Qingfei Sanjie pill is a proprietary Chinese medicine specially used to treat lung cancer, but it has not found any side effects. Modern pharmacological studies show that it has the function of protecting hematopoietic system and improving the immune system, reducing the damage to the body caused by chemical drugs and cancer toxins, and protecting the liver and kidney [3]. After the patient took the medicine, the cancer was controlled and the symptoms of discomfort improved, thus significantly improving the quality of life of patients and prolonging life [4] in varying degrees. If you have a dry mouth after taking the medicine, drink more water.

8., individual patients take Qingfei Sanjie pills, cough during chemotherapy, how to explain?

Answer: Qingfei Sanjie pills can significantly relieve cough symptoms in patients with lung cancer, you can take it at ease. There are 6 main symptoms of coughing during medication:

The common side effects of chemotherapy, 1 had pulmonary toxicity, few chemotherapeutic drugs can cause acute chemical pneumonitis and chronic pulmonary fibrosis, clinical manifestations were fever, cough, shortness of breath, most of the patients with acute onset, granule cells increased, and even respiratory failure.

2. Expel toxins from the body through coughing.

3, tumor cells in the lumen of the bile duct secrete mucus, which stimulates the mucous membrane of the trachea and causes coughing.

4, the tumor surface bleeding, blood stimulation of bronchial mucosa can also cause coughing.

5, the tumor is too large, blocking the bronchial lumen, causing obstructive pneumonia, can also cause coughing, but usually accompanied by fever, sputum and other symptoms of pneumonia.

6, the tumor in the lung around the invasion of the pleura, pleural effusion will occur, causing irritating cough.

9., individual patients take Qingfei Sanjie pills will occur during hemoptysis, how to explain?


1) as the disease progresses, the tumor in the lumen of the balloon invades the blood vessel, causing the vessel to rupture and cause bleeding.

2) the tumor itself necrosis, necrotic material detachment can cause small hemoptysis.

10, What are the dietary taboos when taking Qingfei Sanjie pills?


1, avoid tobacco, wine;

2, avoid spicy spicy food: onions, garlic, leek, ginger, pepper, pepper and so on;

3, avoid fried, barbecue and other hot food;

4, avoid fishy greasy, viscous phlegm food.

Storage : Store (keep) in a cool and dry place,protect from light (heat).

Product Name : QingFei SanJie Wan 清肺散结丸

Packing 3g*6 bottles /one box 

Manufacturer HaiNan LongShengTang Pharmaceutical  Co. Ltd 

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