Wenxin Keli(Sugar Free)

Wenxin Keli(Sugar Free)
Wenxin Keli(Sugar Free)
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Wenxin keli, the best selling #1 herbs medicine for Arrhythmia.

Wenxin keli, the best selling #5 herbs medicine for CHD and Angina.

Wenxin keli, the First choice  for Afib.

Sugar free 5g/packet * 18 packets/unit version.


Activating blood circulation and removing stasis, Enhance power of cardiac muscle systole.

Side Effects:

Occasional Mild dizziness, dry mouth, disappeared after withdrawal.

A large-sample study showed that the incidence of adverse reactions in the Wenxin keli treatment group was 0.5%. The majority of these adverse reactions require no special treatment; if necessary, drug discontinuance is usually sufficient.


1. Do not take it with tea.

2. Remember to avoid excessive alcohol

3. Avoid eating spicy food


1. Consult your herbalist or physician firstly if you are taking other medications or receiving other medical treatments.

2. Discontinue use if allergic reaction occurs.

3. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Namewenxin keli(Sugar free), wenxin keli
IndicationsArrhythmia,CHD and Angina, ventricular premature beat, room premature beat with palpitations restless shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, palpitation, chest stuffy chest pain symptoms
DosageOne bag per time, three times one day. or following medical directions. One month(10 boxes) as one period of treatment
CFDA approval numberZ10950026
StorageHermetically sealed,keep in cool and dry places.
NoteThis statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
The Chinese herb extract Wenxin Keli is made of 5 herbs. Wenxin Keli Ingredients including:
NameFunctionPharmacological action
Radix codonopsisInvigorating spleen-stomach and replenishing qiEnhance immunity, Vasodilative Effect, relief pressure, improve microcirculation, strengthen the hematopoietic function
Rhizoma polygonatiBoosting qi and nourishing yinRegulate heart rhythm,Anti-fatigue,antioxidant effect,anti-aging,Vasodilative Effect,antiviral effect,anti-pathogeny microorganism
Panax NotoginsengDispersing blood stasis to stop bleeding, reducing swelling and relieving painAntiplatelet and Anticoagulant Effect,Protecting Myocardium Cells from Apoptosis,Promoting Cardiac Angiogenesis,Antimyocardial Ischemia and Hypoxia Effect,Lipid-Lowering Effect,Inhibitory Effect on the Inflammatory Responses,Antiarrhythmia Effect,Vasodilative Effect,Inhibition of Left Ventricular Remodeling
AmberCalm and soothe the nerves, promoting circulation and removing stasisCalm and soothe the nerves,diuretic effect
SpikenardRegulating qi and relieving pain,dispelling depressionAntiarrhythmia Effect,calming the central nervous system

Taking Method:

Add one packet into about 100-200ml boiled water, take it 30 mins before meal when warm.

One bag per time, three times one day. or following medical directions.

Special application:

Increased dose:

For patients with serious disease conditions, the dose can be increased to two packets each time, 3 times daily. After the disease condition becomes stable, the treatment can be changed to a conventional maintenance dose.

Long-term use:

Depending on the disease conditions, long-term application is possible. It was reported that the continuous administration of Wenxin keli for 6 months and 12 months resulted in satisfactory efficacy without severe adverse reactions.

Combined application:

Reported are available that Wenxin keli can be used in combination with amiodarone,digoxin,metoprolol, carfarin,and propafenone.

Wing Mark29/06/2019

My order was fulfilled correctly and shipped promptly. Customer service provides quick responses. I'm looking forward to taking the Wenxin Keli.

John Peter29/03/2019

Amazing product. saved my heart


the symptoms are much improved after one month supply. Thanks.

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