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Specification 0.32g*72tablets
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Function and indications

For esophageal can-cer, stomach can-cer,also have some effect on lung can-cer, colorectal can-cer, cervical can-cer, leukemia and other malignant tumors, but also also be combined with radiotherapy, chemotherapy and postoperative treatment. And for the treatment of chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

How to take

Take 8-10 tablets 30 mins after meals and thrice one day. 6 boxes as one course of treatment. 

Stopping medication for 3 days after taking xiaoaiping for 30 consecutive days.


1 course package including 6 packs with 432 tablets which may last 14 days.

Recommended package including 10 packs with 720 tablets which may last 24-30 days.


Clinical application

1. Early and mid-term can-cer patients:

2. Preoperative can-cer patients, postoperative can-cer patients:

3.Patients during radiotherapy and chemotherapy period.

4.Late critically ill patients:

5.Rehabilitation patients: This product can improve patients active immune function, enhance immune tolerance function, targeted to eliminate residual can-cer cells and tiny lesions in the body, so as to effectively control tumor recurrence and metastasis.


n some cases, there may be loss of appetite, leukopenia, elevated aminotransferases, fever, joint pain, drug rashes, etc., which are generally not required to be specially treated.


1.Xiaoaiping Tablet effective ingredient can promote the differentiation of can-cer cells, significantly reduce the deterioration of tumor metastasis, to prevent the spread of cancer cells;

2.The drug can quickly act on the lesion, effectively blocking the synthesis of DNA and RNA in can-cer cells, and can kill the tumor cells actively;

3.Significantly relieve the pain caused by can-cer, ascites and other symptoms, and can inhibit the formation of lesions, so that cancer cells died of lack of nutrition;

4.Can reduce the harm of radiotherapy and chemotherapy on the body, can enhance the sensitivity of lung tumor cells to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, reduce side effects, effectively enhance the effect of radiotherapy and chemotherapy;

5.Strengthen the physical fitness.

Product Name Xiaoaiping tablet, xiaoaiping pian
Ingredients Glaucescent fissistigma Root
Description Tablet
Spec 0.32g*72tablets
CFDA approval number Z22022495
Storage Hermetically sealed,keep in cool and dry places.
Note This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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