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What is Banlangen Keli Tea?

Banlangen Keli is a herbal tea that is known not just for detoxification, but also for inflammation, cold, bronchitis and viral infections.

Banlangen Keli is a tea obtained from Ban Lan Gen or Isatis Tinctoria, which is a root used in traditional Chinese Medicine. It is being used for more than 2000 years. It is otherwise called Da Qing Ye, Banlangen, Isatis indigotica root, indigo woad root, radix isatidis, woad, and dyer’s woad. It is grown in Asia and particularly in China and Japan. Even, it is grown in other tropical areas of the world. The roots of this plant are typically turned into capsules and powder. In addition to Ban Lan Gen, other ingredients are used in Banglangen Keli tea. This specific ingredient is a sweet mixture that helps with offsetting the bitter flavor of the root.

What is Banlangen Keli Used For?

When it comes to functional uses of Banlangen Keli, it is known to help with clearing away heat. Even, it is known for its detoxification properties. It also helps with pharynx and for cooling blood. The other functional uses of this tea are to address sore throat. Even, it helps with addressing dry oropharynx that arises due to stomach and lung heat. Even, it is known to address acute tonsillitis. Now, let us delve into the major health benefits of this Chinese Medicine:

Major Health Benefits of Banlangen Keli Tea

  • Banlangen Keli works wonders for individuals with a sore throat. Even, it provides relief from headache, dry cough, swollen tonsils and fever.
  • The tea is known to address different respiratory challenges like pneumonia, lung congestion and bronchitis.
  • This Chinese medicine is known for its powerful antibacterial properties. Even, it is known to kill viruses as well. Nevertheless, it is recommended to be used in moderation as it can kill even good bacteria like probiotics when used in high quantities.
  • Herbal tea is known for killing even leukemia cells. So, individuals with blood cancer can try using this tea after consulting their doctor.
  • Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, this product can help patients with arthritis relief. In these patients, it will help with pain, swelling, redness and gout relief as well.
  • The herbal tea is known for helping with the inflammation of the spine and limb cartilage.
  • Studies show that this tea is helpful with relieving certain conditions like herpes, tonsils, pharyngitis, measles, psoriasis, chickenpox and mumps to name a few.
  • Even, you will be surprised to know that this product is known to address Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS.
  • The other effects of this product include anti-cancer cell activity, anti-radiation effects, anti-fever, anti-inflammatory, anti-pain and anti-viral activities. It means that it can help cancer patients to get relief from the ill-effects of radiation treatment.
  • Further, this product is known for its effectiveness in helping users get rid of toxins from their body.

In addition to all these benefits, Banlangen Keli is also known for its effectiveness in energizing the blood in users. All these benefits and even some unknown benefits from this product are because of the best ingredients used in its making to enhance its effectiveness. To get the right benefits, it is always better to use Chinese medicine as per the recommended dosage.

How Does Banlangen Keli Tea Work?

Banglangen Keli works mainly because of its important ingredient the Isatis Root. Also, this Chinese medicine has some added sugar. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the bitter and cold nature of this herb makes it work at the best against the heat created in the human body by varied pathogens. Sometimes, excessive cold in some patients occurs as a result of wind-heat. If this is the reason for cold, patients also tend to get a sore throat. For them, the root used as the main ingredient works by reducing the heat.

When it comes to fever reduction, this Chinese Medicine works by killing pathogens including bacteria and viruses. Further, it helps with getting rid of factors of pyrogen and peroxy radicals that are known to cause fever.

As far as the cancer treatment is concerned, this herbal tea is known to contain certain chemicals that restrict the cancer cells from multiplying. This is why it is used as a supportive medicine for cancer treatments like chemotherapy. Even, for treating the ill-effect of chemotherapy, its anti-inflammatory property helps.

To bring down the sore throat, this product and its ingredients clear heat and toxicity from the lungs and stomach.

Studies show that not just for cold and sore throat cure, this herbal tea can be taken for a few days to prevent cold and fever as well. This is due to its anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects on the users. The effectiveness of the main ingredient used in this Chinese medicine has been well tested in China and now it is reaching across the world through this product.

How Customers Review Banlangen Keli Tea Work and Their Opinions?

When some people use this herbal tea for relief, some use it as and when they feel that they are coming down. It means that at times, we feel in advance that we are going to get a cold or fever. In these instances, they use this product for preventing illnesses. Here is what some users of this product feel about it. We found these comments from real users when talking with them to know about the effectiveness of this product:

Ideal for Prevention

As mentioned earlier, one of the users feels that this herbal remedy is the right preventive measure to take whenever you feel that illness is likely to approach you. It will provide instant relief from tiredness that shows in advance before even an illness hits you. It means that you will feel fresh and will find that the symptoms of illness quickly subsides.

The Best Remedy for Fighting a Cold

Also, one more user was highly satisfied with the way this herbal tea works against cold. For those in severe cold, they can try this herbal tea once or twice in a day to see the best outcome as stated by most real users.

Flu Relief

When they get cold, some people also have a mild temperature hike. So, for those facing flu-like symptoms, most users feel that Banlangen Keli can relieve the symptoms associated with flu. After having a cup of this herbal tea, they can sleep to find a considerable improvement in their condition when they wake up.

Relieving West Nile Symptoms

Most people, who have got even a mild West Nile illness, would have experienced lingering effects. They will have symptoms like tremors, weakness, depression, and fatigue. Family members of such patients can try giving this Chinese medicine to patients with these symptoms and West Nile Illness to see an improvement in the condition.

For Chest Cold Relief

Some people get cold and it would go away. Slowly, it would have turned chest cold and they continue to suffer for several months together when the cold turns out to be a chest cold. But, those with this illness can try using Banlangen Keli to get relief from chest cold within a few days.

Tastes Great

Most of the users feel greatly satisfied with the taste of this product. To ensure better taste, the manufacturer of this product has used sugar to balance the bitter taste of the root used in the making of this product. But, as it has a sweet taste, patients with diabetes are suggested to use it only after their diabetologist recommendation.

Sore Throat and Stuffy Nose

Along with the extreme cold, some people continue to have a stuffy nose and sore throat. Most users of this herbal tea state that the best relief for these cold-related symptoms is possible with this product.


1-2 packet one time and 3-4 times one day.

Take it with warm water or add one packet into 100ml boiled water and stir until dissolved.

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