We listed 7 featured TCM patent medicines for cancer adjuvant therapy. How should I select and what's the difference of Adjuvant therapy medicines? 

1. Huaier Granule

Huaier Granule Indications:

Inoperable primary liver cancer or as Adjuvant therapy for chemotherapy.

Huaier Granule Features:

①. Mainly For Liver cancer

②. Relieve liver pain

③. Weak with Blood stasis or lump

2. Kanglaite capsule/ kanglaite injection

Kanglaite indications:

to treat patients before surgery or inoperable patients with spleen deficiency and damp stagnation type of primary Non-small-cell lung cancer .

Kanglaite Features:

①. Mainly for Lung cancer.

②.Relieve  pain and improve the quality of survival.

③.Inhibit and kill cells of various tumors, control lesions, and prevent metastasis.

④.Protect normal cells and improve immune function.

⑤Enhance effect of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, prevent and minimize toxic side effect of these therapies and raise resection rate in operation.

3. Yangzheng Xiaoji Capsule

Yangzheng Xiaoji Capsule indications:

Inoperable primary liver cancer or as Adjuvant therapy for chemotherapy caused by deficiency of the spleen and kidney, internal obstruction of stasis toxin

Yangzheng Xiaoji Capsule Features:

①.  Tonic Supplyment

②.Enhance to raise efficacy of interventional chemotherapy.

③.Reduce the toxic effect to the white blood cells, liver function and hemoglobin

④.Improve patients’ quality of life.

⑤. Heavy Blood stasis or lump problem

4. Hua Chan Su capsule / hua chan su pian

hua chan su indications:

middle and advanced tumor, chronic hepatitis B

Hua Chan Su Features:

①.Anti-tumor effect

②.Immune promotion

③.Anti-virus effect

④. Cancer or tumor with chronic hepatitis B