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Category: Asthma
Brand: renmin
Specification 6g*10packets
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Norishing Yin and mostening lung, clearing away the lung-heat,eliminating phlegm and relieving asthma (Zi Yin Run Fei,Qu Tan Ping Chuan)It’s indicated for Cough and Asthma induced consumptive disease(Lung&Kidney Deficiency).

Typical sympotoms cough, shortness of breath, feeling of oppression in the chest, daytime sweating without work or exercise, night sweats, dry throat and dry mouth etc.


Gekko, Perilla Fruit, Semen Trichosanthis, Almond, Ephedra,Gypsum, Licorice, Tatarian Aster Root,Lily Bulb Bulbus Lill,Dwarf Lilyturf Tuber Raidix Ophiopogonis ,Baical Skullcap Root Radix Scutellariae ,Golden Thread Rhizoma Coptidis .(Ge Jie, Zi Su Zi, Gua Lou Zi, Xing Ren, Ma Huang, Shi Gao, Gan Cao,Zi Yuan,Bai He,Mai Dong, Huang Qin,Huang Lian ect toal 14 types herbs.) 






Oral,5-6 tablets one time,twice daily. 

About Packages

Experience package including 10 packs with 480 capsules which may last 80 days.


Not yet proven.


Pregnant women taboo. 


1. Avoid smoking, no wine and spicy,cold, greasy food during taking this product.

2. The product apply to lung and kidney deficiency patients with consumptive disease long term cough, shortness of breath,feeling of oppression in the chest, dysphoria fever in chest,palms and soles,spontaneous sweating, night sweats, dry throat and dry mouth etc.

3. 3 days without any remission,or symptems aggravated,appeared new serious symptems, should go to hospital.

4. During the medication, if the patient has acute asthma attack; or appeared cold and heat symptems, or cough wheezing exacerbation, sputum volume increased significantly ,should stop medication, and go to the hospital.

5. Patients with high blood pressure, heart diseases shall take medicine under guidance of physician.

6. Children ,pregnant women and spleend and stomach cold deficiency patients with caution.

7. In accordance with the usage and dosage, children,elderly,feeble and weak patients , should be taken under the guidance of physician.

8. Hypersensitivity to this product should stop using?allergic constitution with caution.

9. Do not use this product if the property changed.

10. Children should take under the supervision of adult.

11. Keep out of reach of children.


If use with the other drugs at the same time may occur drug

interactions,details please consult your physician or pharmacist.

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