Chinese herbs medicine for Asthma

Bufei huoxue capsule
Bufei Huoxue capsule for pulmonary heart disease and asthmaACTIONS Benefiting qi for activating bloo..
Chongcao qingfei capsule
Chong Cao Qing Fei capsule For BronchitisACTIONS AND INDICATIONSNourishing lung and reinforcing qi,c..
Corbrin capsule
Corbrin capsule is also name as bai ling jiao nang ,recommended for chronic bronchitis and renal ins..
Gejie dingchuan wan
ACTIONS AND INDICATIONSNorishing Yin and mostening lung, clearing away the lung-heat,eliminating phl..
Jinshuibao capsule
Jinshuibao capsule is recommended for chronic cough and short of breath fatigue.TCM functionNourishi..
Qiguanyan wan
Qiguanyan Wan for Cough and AsthmaACTIONS AND INDICATIONSDispelling cold, eliminating phlegm,relievi..
Zhiling capsule
Zhiling Jiaonang or Zhiling Capsule for chronic bronchial asthma ACTIONSTonifying lung energy and In..
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