Chinese herbs medicine for Erectile dysfunction.

There are 5 types of Erectile dysfunction in TCM. Below is diagnostic points with main symptoms:

1. Kidney yang deficiency:

Main Symptoms: particularly among older people. low libido Fear cold like hot. spiritlessness/ dizziness and asthenia/ back pain. tongue fur: pale

1. Hai gou wan: No 1 choice for nourishing kidney yang. 

2. Nanbao capsule: Cost-effective product. 

3. Shen bao pian: Nourishing kidney yin and yang. Effect mild.

2. Kidney yin deficiency:

Main Symptoms: low libido. Or  voracious libido and last only a short time, mostly complicated with palpitations after sex. thirst with liking for fluids.back pain/ Heel pain/red tongue with little coating

3. Liver depression

Main Symptoms: Depressed/pessimism/ Sigh often/ hypochondriac pain, fullness of abdomen

4.  Blood stasis:

Main Symptoms: Tongue dark purple or with petechia.

5. Damp-heat:

Main Symptoms: Damp scrotum/yellow urine and blurred. Tired/  Yellow tongue

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