Category: Stroke
Brand: tongrentang
Specification 3g*6boluses
Availability: In Stock
Gtin13 6908085060831
This product has a minimum quantity of 3
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Niuhuang qingxin wan(jufang) is a very famous formula which is  used for thousands of years to treat stoke/dizziness/epilepsy and hemiplegia. Niuhuang qingxin wan(jufang) is the authentic.


Clearing away the heart-fire/ Eliminating phlegm /relieving convulsion /dispel the wind in the body


For dizziness ,consciousness disorder, glossolalia, and epilepsy caused by phlegm/heat/wind(in the body).


Not yet proven.


Not yet proven.


1.  Pregnant woman/sportsman with cautions.

Product Name Niuhuang Qingxin wan, niuhuang qingxin bolus
Ingredients Niuhuang qingxin wan(jufang) is made of 29 kinds of herbs. Including In vitro cultivation of bezoar, angelica sinensis, rhizoma ligustici wallichii, liquorice, yam, radix scutellariae, Fried bitter almond, soybean yellow volume, big jujube, Fried atractylodes, poria cocos, platycodon grandiflorum, windproof, radix paeoniae alba, radix bupleuri, donkey-hide gelatin, dried ginger, ginseng, medicated leaven (fried), cinnamon, dwarf lilyturf, Japanese ampelopsis, cattail pollen (Fried), artificial musk, borneol, buffalo horn concentrate powder, antelope horn, cinnabar and realgar.
Description Honey Bolus(3g)
Spec 3g*6 boluses.
CFDA approval number Z32020105


Take orally. 30 mins after meal. Take 1 bolus one time one day. Reduce dosage for children.

About Packages:

Experience package including 2 packs with 12 boluses which may last 12 days.

Packages considering curative effect&shipping fee & weight which are flexible and cost-effective.
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