Chinese herbs medicine for arrhythmia

Ningxinbao capsule
Ning Xin Bao capsule For arrhythmia,atrioventricular blockACTIONS AND INDICATIONSThis product has th..
Shenshao capsule
SHEN SHAO capsule-For arrhythmia, CHD and AnginaACTIONS AND INDICATIONSActivating blood circulation ..
Wenxin Granule
2  Reviews
Wenxin keli, the best selling #1 herbs medicine for Arrhythmia. Wenxin keli, the best sell..
Wenxin Keli
1  Reviews
Wenxin keli,the best selling #1 herbs medicine for Arrhythmia. Wenxin keli,the best selling #5 herb..
Wenxin Keli(Sugar Free)
13  Reviews
What is wenxin keliWenxin Keli is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine that is commonly used for th..
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